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Explore the most off the beaten track spots. Try things that tourists typically don't get to see or do. When you connect with a local guide they can give you great insight on what it is really like to live there and give you the closest experience to that as possible.

Feel like a local and really experience the places you travel to. Cleverbreak guides are the perfect way to gain insider tips on everything local.


Virtual Guides

Virtual guides are available to consult with online before or during your trip. They are local people who simply prefer to work online to help you plan your dream holiday.

Tour Guides

Local guides can enhance your experience of a country exponentially, showing you where to eat, where to visit, the best way to get around, what activities are central to the area and what truly makes the location special.


Have a dream of doing an experience you can’t find listed anywhere? No problem. Post an ad on our Requests page and let our guides find you! Guides can view your request and reply with offers.


Experiential travel is based on the concept that the most important element of travel is experience. It centers around experiencing the culture, the music, the food and all that the country has to offer.

All you need in One App.

An amazing holiday starts with planning the right activities. Travel like a local anywhere in the world and make the most of your trip. From hidden gems to hiking or hidden beaches we got it all covered for you.



Search for experiences, top verified guides or requests posted by fellow travellers. Explore this amazing world and feel like a local wherever you travel.



Connect with our guides and other travellers. Ask questions about your trip or help other travellers to have an amazing holiday. Be part of one of the most exciting communites in the world.



Book a guide or experience before or while you are travelling. You don't need to feel like a stranger in a new place anymore.


Stay Safe

Our Emergency SOS system is designed to help you in case something goes wrong when you are travelling. We are working with local autorities and our verified Guides to keep you safe on your trip.


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