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About me

      I am guide with more than 10 years of guiding, storytelling and delivering great experiences to all of my customers. I am passionate about culture and food. I have tried various cuisines and love to try more. I enjoy going around the city very much and exploring the latest events which always teaches me something new. I love nature and animals. I also enjoy focusing on health and well being which I always want to broaden my understanding.


Walking tour with orientation
Tips and recommendations on what to do and where to go on your own
List of places of interest
Personal “surprise souvenir”

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What we'll do

I do a selection tours which can be customised to your liking. My tours include: Walking tours of the City of London including all major sites and attractions. Themed walks to learn and discover more about Roman London, the great Fire of London, and the history of town since Georgian/Victorian times until the modern times. My tours include visits and guided tours to London’s museums and art galleries. 

Whether you are looking for things to do in London, from major events, where to stay, what to do on your own, where to eat and where to have fun in the city, I can assist you with all that too.

Additionally, I am offering specialised tours such as photo walks, garden tours, art and architecture. My walking tours are the best way to discover all of London’s hidden gems and hear amazing stories. All of my tours can be rearranged and made in accordance with your wishes and requirements. Please contact me for more info and I hope to see you soon on our new London adventure!


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